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Trick Or Treat II: SPOOKY Comicprov Comics!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Quick note, if you missed my Halloween article last year here it is again, I strongly encourage you to check it out since it features the greatest Spider-Man battle in all of history! This year, I have a very special TREAT for you – a few “scary” comics I wrote! Besides writing here and at the Wrestling Examiner (not to mention the TV podcast I co-host – like share and subscribe here please!), I also do a project called Comicprov. where my artist partner Lady Beaver and I make live improvised comics! Lady Beaver draws the comics without me knowing what’s going to be drawn. Once she’s finished, I fill in the words without her knowing what I’m going to write – it’s like comic mad libs! We’ve been doing this since 2015 so over the course of time we’ve done more than a few “horror”-esque comics, and since the season is upon us now is the perfect time to share them. So read on…IF YOU DARE!

The first two are ones that we improvised about clowns.

And this last one here is about the horrors of online dating. Also, this comic was featured in the anthology Monsters and Other Scary Sh*t.

Have a great Halloween! Remember, clowns are misunderstood unless if your mom is a little tipsy and also always be careful when online dating! If you want to see more Comicprov comics or get a live improvised comic starring YOU head over to Thanks for reading and catch you next time!

Steve Waldinger
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